Could I or my business be fined for disposing of electronics improperly?
Yes, as of January 1st, 2012 it is illegal to dump any type of electronic into a landfill.
What does E-Cycle Technologies do with the electronics it receives?
We evaluate each item recycled to see if it can be refurbished and if it cannot it goes to the demanufacturing department. There the recyclable components are separated and sold in bulk.
How do I know the electronics I recycle won’t end up in a landfill?
E-Cycle Technologies has a no landfill policy. If your business recycles electronics in bulk you will receive a Certificate of Responsible Recycling that certifies the electronics received were handled in compliance with State and Federal regulations.
Do I have to pay to recycle electronics?
Most all items are free to recycle. Some fees do apply for some items though. Contact us @ 708.372.5937 for details.
How can my organization host a recycling event?
Click the “organize a collection” button on the front/main page. Fill out your information and a representative will be in contact with you.
What types of hazardous/toxic materials are found within common electronic devices?
Cathode ray tubes (CRT) are located in monitors/tube tv’s. Those tubes contain lead and highly toxic heavy metals. Printed circuit boards (PCB’s) contain plastic, copper, chromium, lead soldier, nickel and zinc.
What types of electronic items does E-Cycle Technologies currently accept?
Plasma screens, LCD screens, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines, Copiers, Computer Towers, Stereo Systems, Cell Phones, UPS Backups, VCR’s, DVD Players, Blueray Players, Servers, Server Racks, Lithium Ion Batteries, Power Cords, Various Cables. All electronics accepted working or not.
If I recycle a computer with a hard drive, how can I be sure my data is safe?
Upon removal, E-cycle Technologies assumes all title and control of all materials, and ensures all material operations and processes have been performed in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and guidelines. All data on storage devices has been destroyed. Certified data destruction constitutes either, sanitizing the storage device to Department Of Defense 5220.22-M standards or physically destroying the storage device. You can take steps to wipe the drive yourself with a program called “KillDisk”( Or you can have our staff take care of it. Certificate of destruction available upon request.